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Services Act - Fees and costs

You can find all the information about the operation of our firm and our lawyers, fees and costs on our website www.omnius.be. Our firm will always give full disclosure on the fees it charges.

The client will be informed in advance of the calculation method.
Where necessary, a contract on fees will be drafted with the client.  


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3 calculation methods can be applied for the fees estimate:

- Payment per hour: an amount per chargeable hour for delivered services.

- Payment in accordance with the value of the case: a percentage of the interest of the case valued in money.

- Payment per performance: the amounts that in particular cases may be charged for specified cases.

Correction coefficients may be applied to any calculation method and these form an essential component for budgeting the specific fees in a case.

1. Calculation per hour 

If this calculation method is chosen, the time spent will be recorded. Chargeable hours are hours that are demonstrably worked on a particular case. Other hours that are general but necessary to be able to render a specific service relating to a file are not chargeable.

Our office applies an indicative basic amount of €120 per hour excl 21% VAT, i.e. €145.20 incl 21% VAT per hour.

A number of correction coefficients can be applied in deduction or addition in line with the importance of the case, the experience of the lawyer or other factors, such as the urgent nature of the degree of difficulty of the file.

2. Calculation in accordance with the value 

The fee is calculated by band in accordance with the following scale:

from €0 to €7,500
from €7.501 to €75,000
from €75.001 to €150,000
from €150.001 to €300,000
more than €300,000

15% (+ 21% VAT)
10% (+ 21% VAT)
8% (+ 21% VAT)
6% (+ 21% VAT)
4% (+ 21% VAT)

Correction coefficients may be applied here. A reduction of the percentage to half, for example, could be applied in specific cases, such as for the amount that is not the subject of any dispute or that is only partially disputed.

3. Calculation per performance

For certain proceedings our firm applies specific rates which are an average for those specific cases. 


The office expenses to be charged include the following items:

1. Word processing: This post covers all office expenses and is calculated as a fixed amount over the number of pages typed at €11 excl VAT per page, which is €13.31 incl 21% VAT

2. Photocopies: €0.40 excl VAT per copy, which is €0.48 incl 21% VAT

3. Travelling expenses: €0.50 excl VAT per kilometre, which is €0.60 incl 21% VAT

4. Opening file: €50 excl VAT, which is €60.50 incl 21% VAT

5. Special office expenses: These costs include international telephone and fax conversations, flights and such like. They will be charged separately to the file for which they have been incurred at real cost. Registered post and other special dispatches are also included in these costs and may therefore be charged separately.

5. Court costs: these are estimated separately.

If you would like to receive the full text of our office rates, you can request this by email: info@omnius.be



1. Your lawyer and the firm

You entrust your file to one or more of the lawyers within the firm OMNIUS. All our lawyers are lawyers in Belgium and registered with the Bar Association of Limburg or Leuven. The office is located at Europalaan 50, 3600 Genk, Belgium.

OMNIUS is a non-commercial partnership. Our lawyers practice as independent professionals. Mr Marc BIJNENS practices as a lawyer in the form of a private limited company named BIJNENS ADVOCATEN. You will find this information on the personal pages of each lawyer on our website.

The company number of OMNIUS is BE 0822.526.940.

The company number of each separate lawyer is stated on their personal page on the website www.omnius.be.

You can contact each lawyer directly by email via their personal email address stated on their personal page on the website www.omnius.be.

The professional liability of all the lawyers within our firm is insured through a primary policy taken out via the Bar Association with AMLIN EUROPE NV, Koning Albert II-laan 9, 1210 BRUSSELS, Belgium.

The insured sum is 2,500,000 EUR per claim, all loss included.

Our lawyers’ professional liability policy provides global coverage, subject to clarifications and exemptions included in the civil liability for lawyers policy.

You can inspect the policy via a link on our website www.omnius.be

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2. Your lawyer and their service

Our lawyers can help you with the following services: legal advice, assistance during disputes in court relating to legal matters such as indicated on the website.

3. For information or in case of a complaint

If you would like to receive more information or if you have a
complaint, you can contact us:
via post at the address: Europalaan 50, 3600 GENK, Belgium,
via fax on number: 089/30.06.31,
via email at the address: info@omnius.be,
of via telephone on the number: 089/30.06.30.