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1969-2019 Omnius
First Limburg law firm

Today OMNIUS Advocaten consists of a close-knit team of 15 lawyers and 5 administrative staff. Both the partners and the employees of the firm are specialised in a specific legal field. The office is equipped with the most up-to-date infrastructure and we are able to assist you in five languages.

In 1958 Genk only had three lawyers. Each ran his own office and tried to assist their clients in all legal fields. This all changed dramatically when Mr Jean Daenen and Mr Alex Arts (1966) and subsequently Mr Albert Bijnens (1969) decided as the first Limburg lawyers to work together. The first Limburg law firm was born!

The firm rapidly acquired an extensive client base. Today, the firm has been servicing commercial clients (insurance companies, businesses, SMEs, sole traders and independent professions), institutional clients (various cities and municipalities, Public Social Welfare Centres, government bodies, inter-municipal cooperative societies) and last but not least private clients for over 45 years.

As the firm grew, new partners and employees were appointed, each specialising in particular legal fields. Roger Van Mol joined the firm in 1972, followed by Mr Jos Lenaerts in 1976, Mr Paul Cox in 1977 and Messrs Marc Bijnens and Yves Daenen in 1985. On 1 January 2008, Mr Luc Vanderputte joined as a new partner. Until then Mr Vanderputte had been active for over 30 years as a lawyer in Maasmechelen. After his arrival, new specialised employees joined to strengthen the OMNIUS team. Mr Kristof Hermans became a partner in 2013. In 2014 Mr Rob Valkeneers was appointed to strengthen the Social Law team. In 2017 and 2018 Mr Wilfried Theunis and Mr Rob Valkeneers became partners.

New challenges came one after the other and the trend towards internationalisation of disputes and contracts was unstoppable.

Our firm also attaches great importance to non-legal networking. All partners and employees are active in various commercial, cultural and social associations.

New faces, same principles:

  • specialised legal service provision
  • support during proceedings and for advice and contract formation
  • in the office and outside
  • networking
  • international collaboration

At the beginning of 2003, the firm changed its name to OMINUS. The name OMNIUS is formed by the contraction of the Latin words OMNIS and IUS: and so the new name symbolises the most important objective of the firm: providing the widest possible support for people seeking justice in all legal fields. The new name OMNIUS provides the law firm with the opportunity to profile itself with a recognisable and strong brand to the outside world, especially after attracting new employees.

In 2017 we entered into a partnership with the incubator C-mine Crib. Built on the foundations of the coal mine of Winterslag, C-mine Crib supports young, innovative companies in their start-up or growth in an inspiring work environment. Start-up and growth companies can go for there for specialist assistance and coaching. Our collaboration with C-mine Crib came about as we fully believe in the talent and creativity of young entrepreneurs. Legal issues should not form an obstacle. Our team has been active for years in business training courses and in this way shares its knowledge and experience with a new generation of self-employed. The partnership with an incubator such as C-mine Crib therefore seemed obvious. In specific terms, we are the first port of call for all legal questions from the residents of C-mine Crib and our specialised legal teams are ready to provide more thorough advice. Adding up experience together, sharing knowledge and multiplying success.